One of the key ingredients in our skin care formulations is this borage which we grow ourselves. This is a triple duty ingredient because (1) it is packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and anti-inflammatory properties that keep flare-ups at bay, (2) it also replenishes moisture in the skin, and (3) it improves skin elasticity. No wonder it’s also called starflower!

The earliest documented use of borage is in Roman history. Its leaves were used for medicinal purposes, specifically it was brewed as a tea for cough and fever relief. While borage is still used in functional tea and tincture blends, today the primary interest is in the oil.

The oil is extracted from the seed and it contains several reparative and rejuvenating properties. The most notable is gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – an essential fatty acid. Borage is actually the richest known source of GLA. Why is GLA for skin health? Simply, it does what a typical moisturizer cannot do. While most oils sit on the surface of the skin or only penetrate the top layer, GLA goes deep into your intracellular layer to truly provide the deep moisture penetration you need for a healthy glow. To work borage into your beauty regimen, check out our latest product release Call It A Night Replenishing Facial Oil.

Call It A Night Replenishing Facial Oil

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