While burning the midnight oil may help you get a little further in your passion project, it’s not doing much for keeping your body in tip top shape? Besides brain fog and feeling like a slug, the visible signs of your late-night habit include weight gain, an increase of inflammatory cells causing collagen and hyaluronic acid to breakdown (molecules that keep your skin plump and glowing), stress hormones increasing inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, and flare ups from immune-related skin conditions like eczema. Hey, a good night’s sleep is called beauty rest for a reason!

Since using makeup to cover up these blemishes is not a long term solution, your best bet is to reclaim your glow and energy through lifestyle changes. Start by evaluating your commitments with the goal of creating a schedule that doesn’t cause you to forgo sleep to get more things done. If you find that you’re falling into old habits when creating your new schedule use the time management tracker and the energy flow tools in the second part of The Nourish Journal to help you take a realistic look at how and where you’re spending your time. (This insight will help you to create a balanced and more productive scheduled for yourself going forward).

Next, look to your nutrition to find ways to increase your energy reserves. Start by ditching your morning processed carbs like bagels, waffles, and that fruity flavored cereal you’ve been eating since eighth grade. These foods get you going in the morning but by midday you’re dragging as the sugar crash-and-burn sets in. Instead, go for a nutrient dense superfood breakfast like overnight oats boosted with reishi mushroom – a prized adaptogen for revving up your body’s battery system (a.k.a. adrenal glands). At other times of the day add energy boosting maca to your meals to keep you going.

A busy gal like you is probably wondering how to find and eat these superfoods quickly and deliciously. I got you! These beautifying and energizing superfoods, and many more, are conveniently blended for easy consumption in our Alchemical Hot Chocolates and functional teas. You can use coupon code WELLNESSHAUL to get them to your doorstep at 20% OFF the regular price. Now that I’ve eliminated the top excuses for not stepping into the world radiantly and energized I’m putting the ball in your court. It’s your move girl, what do you want to do about getting your glow and energy back?

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