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Sugar + Caffeine Detox Duo


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Your secret weapon for going sugar and caffeine free to clear up your complexion without giving up flavor or your daily pick-me-up. Valued at $64, Yours for $32.

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All The Deets: Let’s clear things up. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional sweet treat but a sugar binge can influence inflammation, oil production and acne. But that’s not all…that second and third grande-sized cuppa coffee we love to sip with it can dehydrate the skin, putting you on the fast track to premature aging. Oh my! This Sugar + Caffeine Detox Duo is a must-have for getting off this glow-sabotaging roller-coaster. French Chicory & Dandelion Un-Coffee is a coffee alternative with prebiotics, adaptogens, and youth-building minerals + antioxidants and Sweet Eclipse Spice Therapy is a nutrient-dense sweetener for adding natural flavor + health to your sweet bites. Contents: French Chicory & Dandelion Un-Coffee and Sweet Eclipse Spice Therapy

Get Into It: Use French Chicory & Dandelion Un-Coffee to cut half your usual scoop of coffee or brew in place of it. In a drip coffee maker use 1 tbsp per 2 cups of water. In a French press add 1-2 tbsp to approximately 3-4 cups of water depending on desired intensity. Use Sweet Eclipse Spice Therapy to sweeten tea, coffee, baked goods, and all other foods or drinks requiring added sugar.


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